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About Us - St. Tammany Republicans

We support:

Strong Families: Families intent on giving their children the hope of a better tomorrow, the promise of a safe and secure today, and an appreciation and respect of yesterday.

Principled, Innovative Leadership:  Principled leaders with understanding and a clear vision for Louisiana.  Leadership that is unwavering in the face of criticism, steadfast when confronted with adversity, and committed to building a better State.

Limited Government:  A streamlined government that promotes policies to unlock individual potential and unleash economic growth. A government of the people, by the people based on our United States Constitution.

Our Military:  To preserve ideals of our Founding Fathers, a strong military is necessary.  We support our military and their families while actively serving our Country and after they return home from service. Our Clubs raise funds for such worthy programs as Wounded Warriors, Operation We Care (  While we support many national military organizations, we make a special effort to focus on Louisiana soldiers' needs.

Opportunity For All:  The opportunity to chart one’s own course, start a business, chase a dream, or build a life regardless of gender, race, or religion.

Quality Education:  An educational system that prepares children for tomorrow’s workplace regardless of race, wealth or geographical location. Education is the bedrock of freedom and the gateway to opportunity.

Personal Responsibility:  Individuals taking personal responsibility for their own actions and a criminal justice system based on this idea. With freedom comes responsibility.

Freedom:   Freedom that is God given, affirmed by our Founding Fathers, articulated in the Declaration of Independence, and protected by the United States Constitution. 

National Republican Party - Our Party:


We believe in the power and opportunity of America’s free-market economy. We believe in the importance of sensible business regulations that promote confidence in our economy among consumers, entrepreneurs and businesses alike. We oppose interventionist policies that put the federal government in control of industry and allow it to pick winners and losers in the marketplace.

National Defense

President Ronald Reagan’s approach to America’s national defense, which successfully confronted the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War, is as essential today as it was then: Peace through strength — an enduring peace, based on freedom and the will to defend it. Today, it requires defending America’s homeland, including remaining vigilant in confronting global terrorism, maintaining a robust defense against the threats arising from nuclear proliferation, including a strong ballistic missile defense for America and our allies, and promoting an effective, capable intelligence community. It requires a full commitment to America’s Armed Forces to ensure they are modern, agile and adaptable to the unpredictable range of challenges in the years ahead. And it requires a sustained international effort, which complements our military activities, to develop and maintain alliances and relationships that will lead to greater peace and stability. While the United States participates in various international organizations which can serve the cause of peace and posterity, they must never substitute for principled American leadership nor prevent America from joining other democracies to protect our vital national interests.

Health Care

We support common-sense reforms that will lower costs, ensure quality health care that Americans deserve, and end lawsuit abuse. We oppose government-run health care, which won’t protect the physician-patient relationship, won’t promote competition, and won’t promote health care quality and choice.


We believe that maintaining a world-class system of primary and secondary education with high standards in which all students can reach their potential is critically important to America’s future. We believe parents should be empowered to send their children to the school of their choice.


We believe in energy independence. We support an “all of the above” approach that encourages the responsible production of nuclear power, clean coal, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, as well as drilling for oil and natural gas in an environmentally responsible way. We oppose so-called cap and trade legislation that would impose a national energy tax on families and small business that would kill jobs and raise utility prices.


Republicans believe a judge’s role is to interpret the law, not make law from the bench. Judges in our federal court system, from district courts to the Supreme Court, should demonstrate fidelity to the U.S. Constitution. We trust the judicial system to base rulings on the law, and nothing else.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018
President's Fiscal Year 2019 Budget
On Monday, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney released the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Budget of the United States Government. 
“As a nation, we face difficult times – challenged by a crumbling infrastructure, growing deficits, rogue nations, and irresponsible Washington spending. Through this budget proposal, it is clear that the President and this Administration are determined to reverse these trends, and ensure greater prosperity for the hard-working American taxpayer,” said Director Mulvaney. “Just like every American family, the Budget makes hard choices: fund what we must, cut where we can, and reduce what we borrow. It’s with respect for the hard work of the American people that we spend their tax dollars efficiently, effectively, and with accountability.” 
Highlights of the President’s FY 2019 Budget

President Trump's FY 2019 Budget focuses on four main priorities: 1) The safety and security of the American people; 2) Continuing to build an even stronger and more robust American economy; 3) An enhanced quality of life for hardworking Americans; and 4) A commitment to a better future.

Accounting for Bipartisan Budget Act Spending Cap Increases
  • Fully consistent with the increased defense cap and proposes additional funding for Administration priorities on the non-defense discretionary (NDD) side while fixing long-time budget gimmicks.

Growing the Economy and Reducing the Deficit
  • The Budget incorporates the historic reforms of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has already resulted in raises or bonuses for over 3.8 million Americans and will continue to generate growth.
  • In FY 2018, the Federal government committed to achieving $9.8 billion in net savings through deregulation, cutting red tape and spurring economic growth.
  • The Budget contains $3 trillion in deficit reduction, including $1.7 trillion in reductions to mandatory spending and receipts and a “two-penny plan” to reduce NDD spending by two percent per year after 2019.

Rebuilding Our Military
  • Fully funds the National Defense Strategy by providing $716 billion for national defense.
  • The Budget includes major investments in force structure, modernization, and global posture, and requests a 2.6% pay raise for troops, the largest since 2010.

Investing in Border Security
  • Reflects the President’s commitment to border security by providing $18 billion for border wall construction.
  • Includes $782 million for additional Border Patrol and ICE Personnel, $1.8 billion to fund 52,000 detention beds, and funds an additional 75 immigration judge teams.

Funding the Infrastructure Initiative
  • The Budget funds the Administration’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal by providing $200 billion in federal support, primarily focused on incentive grants, formula funds for rural infrastructure, and transformative projects.

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic
  • The Budget requests nearly $17 billion in opioid-related spending in 2019, including $10 billion in new funding for the Department of Health and Human Services.

Strengthening Medicare
  • Proposes reasonable reforms to program operations without reducing coverage or benefits for beneficiaries.
  • Saves $237 billion over ten years and extends Medicare’s solvency by roughly eight years.

Modernizing Government
  • Includes $80 billion in IT and cyber funding as well as $210 million for the Technology Modernization Fund established by the recently enacted Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act.
  • Proposes numerous civil service reforms to ensure the Federal government can “hire the best and fire the worst.”
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President: Jody Rushton | Editor: Terri Hauser
FEBRUARY 12, 2018
Rebuilding America's Infrastructure
In his first State of the Union address, President Donald Trump, America's Builder-in-Chief, called on leaders of both parties in Congress to come together to deliver the safe, reliable, and modern infrastructure that the American people deserve.

On Monday, he unveiled his American Infrastructure Initiative, built on six core principles to rebuild our Nation’s crumbling infrastructure. 
Principles of the American Infrastructure Initiative

The Administration’s proposal will spur at least $1.5 trillion of investment to address our crumbling infrastructure and prepare the United States for opportunities ahead.
  • The President is asking Congress to approve legislation that, when matched with State, local, and/or private dollars, will generate at least $1.5 trillion in new infrastructure investment.
  • The goal is to permanently fix the infrastructure deficit.
Fix the broken permit process so America can become a global infrastructure leader.
  • American workers built the Empire State Building in just 1 year — it can now take 10 years to get approval to build a highway.
  • We must streamline the permitting and approval process — getting it down to no more than two years.


Return decision-making to the States.
  • In the past, the Federal Government selected projects and programs based upon Federal preferences leading to waste, mismanagement, and misplaced priorities.
  • The answer to our Nation’s infrastructure needs is not more boondoggle projects selected by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.
  • We want to empower States and localities to invest in the projects they want, without being burdened by the Federal Government’s red tape and bureaucracy which impede creativity, adds costs, and slows down the process.
  • The President’s plan designates $100 billion to be used as matching funds for State, local, and private investment. This way, everyone has an interest in a positive outcome.
  • It also broadens existing authorities to delegate environmental review and permitting responsibilities to the States.


Sustain prosperous rural economies by providing significant investment in rural infrastructure to address unmet needs.
  • The President’s proposal dedicates $50 billion to enable rural America to address its unique infrastructure challenges, rebuilding, and modernizing bridges, roads, water and wastewater assets, water resources, waterways, power generation assets, and broadband.

Support transformative projects that lift American spirits and unleash GDP growth.
  • The President’s plan dedicates $20 billion to spur competition around bold, innovative, and transformative infrastructure projects that dramatically improve future infrastructure.

Prepare the American worker for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • This proposal will generate new projects to increase employment in the construction industry and boost the demand for labor more broadly.
  • This Administration is committed to helping more individuals access affordable, relevant, quality education and skills-development that lead to full-time work and long-term careers, including expanding Pell Grant eligibility to high-quality, short-term programs and reforming licensing requirements for individuals seeking an infrastructure project job.

As the builder-in-chief, President Trump is committed to building a stronger America. No part of the country will be left behind.
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President: Jody Rushton | Editor: Terri Hauser