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National Teen Age Republicans

National Teen Age Republicans (TARS)

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Barby Wells, National TAR Director

United States Constitution


Charters of Freedom

In 1761, fifteen years before the United States of America burst onto the world stage with the Declaration of Independence, the American colonists were loyal British subjects who celebrated the coronation of their new King, George III. The colonies that stretched from present-day Maine to Georgia were distinctly English in character although they had been settled by Scots, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, Swedes, Finns, Africans, French, Germans, and Swiss, as well as English.

As English men and women, the American colonists were heirs to the thirteenth-century English document, the Magna Carta, which established the principles that no one is above the law (not even the King), and that no one can take away certain rights. So in 1763, when the King began to assert his authority over the colonies to make them share the cost of the Seven Years' War England had just fought and won, the English colonists protested by invoking their rights as free men and loyal subjects. It was only after a decade of repeated efforts on the part of the colonists to defend their rights that they resorted to armed conflict and, eventually, to the unthinkable–separation from the motherland.


St. Tammany Teen Age Republicans (STTARs)

STTARs Elephant Logo

Covington High School, Paul Revere Chapter
Fontainbleau High School, Freedom Chapter
Lake View High School, Liberty Chapter
Mandeville High School, Ronald Reagan Chapter
Northshore High School, Old Glory Chapter
Slidell High School, Stars & Stripes Chapter

If you are interested in starting a STTARs chapter in your high school, please contact us through Facebook Messenger at: "St. Tammany Teen Age Republicans STTARs"

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STTARs Visit Mt. Vernon at Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
GOP Fall Kick-off - STTARs Matt Senneff, MHS, Tomas Enclade, Tristan Assavado, MHS; Ryan Davies, FHS; Ali Miller and Chad Carter NHS and Chelsey Garza, CHS
STTARs phone banking for Bill Cassidy

There is a new dimension to the GOP in St. Tammany.  STTARs, St. Tammany Teen Age Republicans has chapters in six of our local high schools with hopes to add more this coming year.  At the end of our first year STTARs was 124 members strong.  STTARs is part of the National TARS organization.  The purpose of STTARs is:

  • To advance notions of citizen and civic responsibility in our youth;
  • To provide opportunities where young people can learn about government and the Constitution;
  • To share Republican beliefs and principals with young people and encourage each to compare them with his/her own beliefs;
  • To encourage young people to learn about issues that are important to them and to express their views constructively and respectfully; and
  • To inspire young people to get involved in the political process.

STTARs attend National TARS Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
 They benefit from attending workshops on leadership skills met other Republican teens from across America.